• #2 – 3003 Millar Avenue, Saskatoon, SK
    Main Phone: 306-651-1553
    After Hours Phone: 306-250-8845
    Email: administration@dynamic-glass.com
  • COVID-19

    With strict guidelines, we will now allow our employees to enter residences and building suites to perform repairs and replacements.

    Prior to us entering a residence or suite it will be understood by the tenant, that they will remain at least 6 feet away, or in another room, while our technician performs any repairs or replacements. We will wipe down any and all surfaces where we will be working, with disinfectant before we start working, and again before we leave. Our employees will wear gloves and masks while we are in the building.

    With regards to public spaces that we are working on, we still have instructed our technicians to cordon off the area where they are working, so that no other persons can come within the six-foot area. We have instructed our staff to wear gloves when handling any products. We have also instructed them to wipe down surfaces where they are working.

    For customers that are entering our office, we are limiting customers to one person in our front office at any time. Between customer visits our staff will wipe down door handles, our credit card machine and/or any other surface the customer has come into contact with.

    We are still instructing our staff not to come into work if they are ill, even if it is minor. Our goal is to prevent the spread of any illness in the workplace.